Hello, I am Oğuz. I have been actively involved in financial markets for over 12 years, starting from my years as a student at the Middle East Technical University. Since I began, I have experienced various markets, and these experiences have developed me in many different ways. In addition to traditional markets such as Forex and stocks, I have also become interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies due to their dynamic and ever-changing nature. The cryptocurrency market has become an exciting field for me due to the new approaches and opportunities it brings to the financial markets. My trades in various markets have included both short-term trading and long-term investments, yielding successful results for me. Alongside investing, following new projects, analyzing market movements, and evaluating opportunities using technical analysis tools have become a great passion for me. Today, I utilize these experiences to assist SharpEye Trading members in making more informed investment decisions, developing algorithmic trading systems, and creating solutions that make the technical techniques used at the institutional level applicable to individual investors.

Hello, I am Ata Paykoç. In 2015, while researching ways to earn money online during my university education, I came across Forex and took my first step into the financial markets. The fast-paced nature and exciting world of the market fascinated me right from the beginning. In order to improve myself, I took various trainings in technical analysis and became specialized in this field under the guidance of numerous local and international instructors. After gaining experience in the Forex markets, I embarked on new quests, and upon hearing the name Bitcoin in 2017, I realized the transformative potential of these innovative technologies for the financial system and made a quick transition into the world of cryptocurrencies. The power of blockchain, the vision of a decentralized world, and the pursuit of financial freedom further motivated me. Today, I actively engage in day trading in Forex, cryptocurrencies, and stock shares, provide education and mentorship services within the SharpEye Trading community, conduct project tracking and analysis, develop computer-based trading systems, and strive to guide our members in their own trading journeys. I believe that with innovation and technology, we can make the financial system more sustainable and accessible. Collaborating with other inspiring individuals on this journey, learning something new every day, and growing are my greatest motivations.