Technical Analysis is one of the most powerful tools supporting the decision-making process in financial markets. As SharpEye Trading, we present two different educational packages to you: Elliott Wave Theory and Price Action.

Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory is a technical analysis methodology developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s, aiming to understand the dynamics of financial markets. It seeks to predict future price movements by identifying patterns and waves in the markets. In our training, you will learn how to apply the Elliott Wave Principle, perform wave counts, and determine where trends may reverse.

Price Action

One of the priorities in understanding financial markets lies in understanding those who govern it. The curriculum of our Price Action training set is designed to help us analyze the market by understanding how major financial institutions and funds influence and manage it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the courses suitable for?

Our curriculum progresses from the basic to advanced levels for each package. It is suitable for every level.

Are the courses live-streamed?

No, our courses are available as recorded videos. You can access the videos on YouTube using the email address you provide through the form.

How long will the training videos be accessible?

After purchase, you will have lifetime access to the training videos.

What is your refund policy for the training videos?

To prevent misuse of the educational content, we do not offer refunds after the purchase. You can review free sample videos to get an idea of the content: Elliott Wave Theory: Price Action: